Appropriate showcase lighting is an integral aspect of the engineering, designing and manufacturing process when producing European standard museum showcases.

Museum Showcase and Exhibit Lighting

Appropriate showcase lighting is an integral aspect of the engineering, designing and manufacturing process when producing European standard museum showcases. A well-considered, museum-quality lighting system will enhance the viewers' experience by focussing only the object in question, meticulously highlighting the texture, shape, and colour of the artifact. Effective showcase lighting is achieved by selecting the correct lighting equipment based on the required beam angle, mounting height, size of the objects, and position of the display while creating a balance between visibility and the existing environmental considerations. 


European Museum Technology (EMT), offers a complete range of showcase lighting products for both interior and exterior exhibits, meticulously designed to impose a minimal footprint within the display while working in concert with the surrounding light. EMT works closely with several lighting companies to ensure the exhibit lighting needs are met. Luxum Lighting, based in France, is one such partner and provides museum-quality fibre optic and LED lighting specially engineered to give optimum light for the viewers comfort while limiting damaging heat produced from the light.

Whether you are designing a new museum showcase or repurposing an existing display case or exhibit, EMT has the European museum standard lighting solutions to ensure your presentation is shown in the best possible light.   

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